“As at June 2015 the North East had 17.4% of 16-24 year olds. “Not in Education Employment or Training Education (NEETS)”, the largest number in any region “across the whole of England” Training and education are not adequately linked to enterprise or to the needs and wants of industry. Ask any employer to name their number one business affecting issue and most would answer it is the skills gap relating to the availability of adequately trained and experienced staff. In fact, in a recent poll 73% of businesses indicated a skills crisis will hit the UK within the next three years. The skills shortage, coupled with an inadequate attitude and aptitude in young people leaving education and looking for employment, is having a significant impact on employ ability.
The way traditional training and qualifications are delivered is quite prescriptive and focus on a particular given subject or industry sector. The lack of clear and consistent career advice and guidance is an issue with young people. In particular, not being provided with appropriate support and understanding in establishing all of their options, especially those linked to industry’s emerging needs.

Vocational training and apprenticeships, while providing hands-on opportunities to develop skills, require the learner to have a particular attitude and aptitude, underpinned by basic business and personable skills to enable them to get on within any organisation.

The traditional 9-to-5 approach to business does not generate loyalty or commitment. Yet if the employee understands the impact of their actions – or indeed their inaction – they would have a better appreciation of their contribution to the business and achieve more satisfaction in their role.

Current solutions from training providers, while helpful, do not go as far as is needed to make a long-term impact or to create positive mental sea-change in young people. Simply showing someone how to write a CV or perform in an interview does not make them a better employee, and without a broader and more detailed understanding of business and enterprise this can lead to issues once they gain employment.

What is needed is an employer-led, industry informed, social and economic approach to learning that incorporates real work experience and provides a whole range of personal and interpersonal skills. This learning will truly help transform an individual, providing the tools and techniques to become a valuable employee, better equipped in life, and an improved citizen.


AM:PM247 aims to be one of the North East’s leading recruitment consultancy and training provider, servicing a wide range small, medium and large businesses both across the region and nationally.


We are not just a bunch of trainers teaching people from text books but industry experts with years of experience across a range of sectors. The individuals involved in the business include retired senior police officers, doctors and some of the North East’s most successful entrepreneurs. All training and development activities are delivered in association with actual employers. This approach ensures our training provides relevant skills and knowledge to help participants achieve and succeed. With over 4,500 businesses and individuals as part of our network you can be rest assured there is someone on hand to help you achieve your ambitions.


All of our industry led and employer informed courses are underpinned by formal qualifications. As an approved NCFE training provider that is governed by OFSTED we have an absolute focus on quality and progression with every participant achieving a 100% pass for all qualifications.


Our training facility has been specifically built in a state of the art enterprise centre providing a real working environment for all participants. Whether you are interested in customer service, leisure, hospitality, cooking, catering, retail, IT, marketing, hair & beauty we have a dedicated environment just for you.
All of our training facilities are also available to hire and hugely competitive rates.


We have sites all across the region and a success rate of more than 75% when matching jobseekers with employers. We currently place around 3,000 people into work every year and we work in partnership with hundreds of employers who use AM:PM as a reliable and sustainable recruitment stream. Whether you are an employer looking for new recruits or simply looking for a new role or career for yourself, we can help, with many of our programmes completely free of charge!


At AM:PM247 we will help you find the sector which suits you. We will provide information to help you make the decision which works with your life choices, It’s all about you. Hover over each person to find which sector is right for you.